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NOW STREAMING: Fairyland Foibles

Theater, GRoW

GRoW @ The Wallis & The Wallis Studio Ensemble Presents

Jun 27 - Aug 22


What if you were stuck in the same narrative for hundreds of years, doomed to  repeat the same outcomes time and time again! What if you had the chance to rewrite your own story….would you? What happens if your story isn't being told at all!
Part radio play, part soap opera, "Fairyland Foibles" takes a zany, irreverent and satirical look at the mythology, legends and fairy tales that have influenced us all. Reimagining them for a contemporary age, ‘Foibles’ is full of surprising twists and turns, a surreal comedy that asks us to think a little  more  closely about the stories we cling to.
The episodic series will include a weekly audience interactive element. After each episode audiences will be invited to actively participate by voting on social media apps, initiating changes in plot, dialogue and characters.
Episodes will air on Saturday nights at 7:00pm PDT starting on June 27, 2020 through August 22, 2020.
All episodes will stream on Facebook and Instagram, click below: 

Voting will be open for a 24-hour window after each episode airs: Voting will be available through facebook and instagram.

15- 20 minutes per episode 

"Fairyland Foibles" is NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN. Suggested ages 14+. Adult language.

Created & Performed by the Wallis Studio Ensemble
Kendell Byrd, Trecey Dory, Marlena Becker, Elka M. Joseph, Alexander Sheldon, Tiana Randall Quant, Kelvin Morales, Siera Williams
Written by
Alexander Sheldon and Tiana Randall Quant
Directed by
Madeleine Dahm
Story Created by
Alexander Sheldon, Tiana Randall Quant, Madeleine Dahm, Ella M Joseph, Kelvin Morales
Story Editor
Madeleine Dahm
Video Editors
Kendall Byrd with Madeleine Dahm and Alexander Sheldon
Title Art
Sky Wahl
Alexander Sheldon