GRoW @ The Wallis & CRE Outreach present

Marching On

Jun 28 - Jun 29


CRE Outreach presents the World Premiere of MARCHING ON, an original play written by and starring eight military veterans from Veterans Empowerment Theatre (VET). VET presents a first-hand view of the soldiers' experiences in their rawest form, unfiltered by press, political, or military censorship. Productions give audiences greater insight into the difficulty facing veterans returning from deployment, exposing the inner turmoil of the lasting scars, both external and internal, endured from combat.

This artistic journey brings veterans’ personal stories to life from boot camp to returning home, highlighting the difficulty of transitioning back into society. For one veteran, her transition unlocks memories that have been hidden away for years. Another feels rejected because of the color of his skin, while others realize that above all, family matters most. Though alone in their stories, these heroes come together as a unit as they search for the strength to keep marching on.
Based on the true stories of the actors, this production is brought to the Wallis by CRE Outreach's signature program, Veterans Empowerment Theatre (VET), a form of art therapy encouraging participants to use artistic expression to find a path to overcome addiction, effectively deal with PTSD, and reintegrate into society. For more information about the VET program or CRE Outreach, please visit:

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