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The Wallis offers courses for older adults designed to stimulate creativity, connect to others, and tell your personal stories. Courses are held either in-person at The Wallis or virtually through the ZOOM platform. Class sessions start several times per year and sell out quickly! Click the link below for current course schedules and information. For general information about Creative Aging Programs contact Debra Pasquerette at
Watch the most recent class performances here and the premiere presentation here.

Visit for current education listings, enrollment, and information. 

"In Beyond Words, a class which asks participants to embrace not only their latent storyteller/author selves, but also their latent Rembrandt/Georgia O'Keefe self, we use a combination of our visual art with our written art to achieve our highest expression. And as always, our teacher, Debra Pasquerette, remains our rock, our guide, our muse; urging us to give the fullness of ourselves."
- Aviyah, Beyond Words and Staged Stories Particpant

"Staged Stories and Beyond Words have gifted me with a new and exciting way of communicating my thoughts and ideas to the world in general, and in particular, by helping me formulate and publish my memoirs."
- Ira, Beyond Words and Staged Stories Participant

"I’ve been taking adult education classes for eons, but I've studiously avoided any and all online courses. I was scared that they would be impersonal and unengaging. Having taken this class, I felt like I’d invited the class into my living room, so comfortable and energetic and thoroughly involving."

- Judy Silk, Staged Stories Participant

"Beyond Words is a fantastic forum to help you discover your hidden voice and hidden talents. At age 70, I wrote my first poem and loved it. Also, creating a collage to accompany my written piece about my mom’s 90th birthday allowed me to revisit my mom, her sisters and all my cousins. Hearing my classmate’s stories united us with common shared life experiences. I wish I could take Beyond Words again. Big big thanks to the Wallis."
- Toni Randall, Beyond Words and Staged Stories Participant