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In school residencies

As a new school year begins and students return to in-person learning, access to the arts is more important than ever. GRoW @ The Wallis is pleased to offer In-School Residencies to help bring joy, creativity, and relevance to your students. Driven by the needs and priorities of the participating teachers, expert teaching artists design and lead participatory arts workshops.  

Please review the menu and use the form below to share your interests and goals. We will follow-up to discuss your needs and customize an effective program for you and your students.

Scholarships are available for schools facing financial hardships.

Highly customizable program for professional artists to work with all the classes in a select grade level in person or via Zoom.  For middle & high schools, artists work with one or more faculty members to serve two or more class periods. Schools will commit to at least one program unit that includes the following:
   - Planning meetings for participating teachers with The Wallis and the artist.
   - 20 Workshops divided between all classes in a single elementary grade level or two or more secondary school class periods. e.g. 4 3rd grade classes get 5 workshops each.

Program units can add any of the following:
   - Artist Performance in person or via zoom. Ranging from $250 - $2,500 depending on the artist or ensemble
   - Optional Pre or Post Workshop - $125
   - Careers in the Arts Panel Conversation - Ranging from $250 - $2,500, focused on performance, technical theater, and/or arts management. Final price depends on the number of panelists/speakers.

Customization and specification available within each discipline.
​​​​​​​   - Visual Art
   - Dance
   - Theatre
   - Music

   - Each series of artist led workshops must be in a single arts discipline. 
   - Single residency unit must cover:
​​​​​​​   ​​​​​​​   - All students in a single elementary school grade.
​​​​​​​   ​​​​​​​   - Students in two or more middle / high school classes or class periods.

​​​​​​​Questions? Email Rachel Kilroy, Education Program Manager, at

In school residencies