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Conceived, designed and directed by Hamid Rahmanian
In collaboration with Larry Reed and Shadowlight Productions
Produced by Fictionville Studio and Banu Productions



The Wallis in collaboration with
Mark Amin present

Oct 20 - 29


Feathers of Fire: A Persian Epic is a visually breathtaking cinematic shadow play for all ages. Inspired by the 10th-century Persian epic Shahnameh (‘The Book of Kings’), the action-packed tale follows star-crossed lovers Zaul and Rudabeh who triumph at the end against all odds. Hamid Rahmanian’s graphics, derived from the visual tradition of the region, are rendered as puppets, costumes, masks, scenography and digital animation, all of which come to life in a “live animation” on a cinema-size screen.

“Unique and worthy of attention because, trust me, you have never seen this before!” – Edge Media Network
“Perfection!  Keeps you spellbound and holding your breath … you could have heard a pin drop.” – Santa Monica Daily Press
“Grab the children, and run to The Wallis!  You’ll never see such a powerful primitive form of human entertainment again. This is a work that makes you realize that sometimes the simplest of human theater experiences is the very most rewarding and complex.”  - US Theater

“Seeing cross-cultural and cross-generational audiences at performances of Feathers of Fire fulfills Rahmanian’s deepest dream: to share his homeland’s rich visual and literary culture with the West.” - Los Angeles Times

Open Captioned Performance: October 21st at 2pm

This production is made possible by generous support from Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills.

Farhang Foundation is the proud Community Sponsor of Feathers of Fire: A Persian Epic.