Oct 13 - Oct 25


by A.R. Gurney
directed by Gregory Mosher
starring Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal
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by A.R. Gurney
directed by Gregory Mosher
starring Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal


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"Inspired casting. A case of the cast upstaging the material in the best way." - The Hollywood Reporter

"A cultural event, and moment of closure, 45 years in the making." - Los Angeles Times

“The Gregory Mosher-directed national tour of A. R. Gurney’s classic two-hander “Love Letters” with — together again for the first time in 45 years — Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal as the ink-crossed lovers. While “Love Letters” is no sequel to “Love Story,” it feels cut from similar tweed, and — this has to be said – it is the better written of the two. Through letters, post cards, invitations and notes of apology, Mr. Gurney’s play chronicles a 50-year friendship of two loving friends and reveals a woody wagon full of regrets. And the theyness of the project just works… the actors are doing what they’re meant to do, using one another’s encouragement and affection as life support.” - The New York Times

"The forever-linked costars of the 1970 movie Love Story are delivering something more than Gurney’s 1988 play: long-ago cinematic love and loss, nostalgia, the easy warmth of long-time friends. In between, O’Neal and MacGraw bring Gurney’s rich characters to life… in heartbreak and tears (and with lots of audible gasps from the audience)… Certain truths about the heart don’t change. And neither do the chemistry and charisma of the Love Story/Love Letters stars."

-Miami Herald

“[MacGraw’s] performance is so adroit, so full of comic nuance and wrenching despair…Under Tony-winning director Gregory Mosher’s deft hand, she does what is probably the finest work of her career.” 

The Hollywood Reporter

“Unassailably nuanced and moving performances.” 

-Florida Theater Onstage

“Under the expert direction of Gregory Mosher… Mr. Gurney’s intimate drama gains steadily in power.”

The New York TImes